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Preparing and Planning for Climate Resilience

Providing a better understanding of climate change enhanced risks and the division of tasks between adaptation driven risk reduction and risk sharing, we can better prepare and plan for Climate Resilience. In other words, this means providing additional open access to risk data, replicable insurance concepts, and related context-sensitized business models.

Planning for Climate Resilience

Accelerating Transformations towards Climate Resilience

Climate Resilience

Through a S.M.A.R.T replication system, the PIISA project aims to accelerate transformations leading to climate resilience. Innovations will be transferred to other eligible sectors, and to other regions and countries in the project, as well as beyond the project’s scope. This will be possible with the extensive customer base of the 3 insurance companies involved in PIISA, and the current collaboration with parallel projects and key stakeholders.

Demonstrating Systemic Transformations to Climate Resilience

The PIISA Project will show the feasibility and effectiveness of recently initiated insurance products by demonstrating how it impacts the systemic transformations to climate resilience. It will present and highlight the potential for additional innovations elaborated in the project.

Transformations to Climate Resilience